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Target prospects and customers looking by location.

B2B & B2C searchers use location to narrow down finding the right business for their need.


Reach people that will be future customers.

Create awareness for your company and offerings as well as build brand equity with future customers.


Rank for phrases that indicate people ready to buy.

When the right phrases are selected to focus on, it can bring people to your site with immediate intent and demand.


Why SEO Is So Important

When people use search engines they are looking to solve a problem which is often driven towards a service or product.

Many businesses underestimate the amount of traffic that search engines and SEO can drive because they don’t rank now and can’t see what they are missing out on.

Only the first few results of any search get the majority of clicks and if you aren’t showing up high in the rankings, then most likely your competitors are.  SEO is the process of improving your site to rank higher both with on-site and off-site search optimization.

On-Site SEO

Improve your websites foundational search optimization by improving title tags, metadata, speed, coding, landing pages, cross-linking, and a number of other important techniques.

Off-Site SEO

Build authority and relevancy by creating off-site SEO signals such as inbound links, guest blogging, and social media. Authority is a key component to higher ranks.

SEO Content

Blogging, SEO landing pages, and other quality content are a centerpiece of search optimization. We can help you build the strategy and create the right content.

Local SEO

Optimize your site and business listings for maps and local search.


Get A Free Instant SEO Audit

We want to help you to increase your rank and one of the first steps in any Search Optimization process is a quick assessment.

Once you're complete this SEO audit, Insivia can help by taking a deeper dive to develop a strategy and then work with you to continuously increase your search rank.

We're considered one of the top SEO companies in Cleveland and around the country.

Search Optimization Tools We Use

SEMRush SEO Tool

Google Search Console

Yoast SEO for WordPress

Screaming Frog SEO Tool


The Search Optimization Process

An expert-led approach to higher rank.

Research & Assess

Start with an SEO assessment to create baselines and build a plan.

Build & Optimize

Implement on-site and off-site SEO tactics to improve your rank and outpace competitors.

Measure & Report

Measure your rank every step of the way and to make adjustments.

Our High-Density SEO Markets

While we work across the US, here are 4 key markets our search optimization services have penetrated.

Cleveland, Ohio

We call Cleveland home with our office located right downtown. Check out our Cleveland SEO Report.

Columbus, Ohio

One of our favorite cities in Ohio to work with technology companies and more.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Our CEO is from Pittsburgh; he loves to visit our clients there and his family.

Akron / Canton

Only a hop, skip, and jump away, we work with many amazing Akron companies.


Saving SEO Face in the Wake of a Website Redesign

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What is an SEO Audit?

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