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Building a great e-commerce site requires a scalable platform, smart design, solid integrations, and focus on traffic growth.

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Whether it is a few products or thousands, we have helped Cleveland, Ohio companies and organizations throughout the US build powerful e-commerce features into their websites.


Information Products, Events, Books & More

The DiJulius Group shop helps the DiJulius Group sell a wide range of products to their customers. Built with WooCommerce and a lot of custom coding, this is a very unique e-commerce site.

The site integrates with a membership system that has the ability to run assessments, give visitors access to presentations they’ve seen, summarize their products, and more. In addition, visitors can purchase tickets for events as well. This is truly a custom e-commerce solution built on WooCommerce.

Cleveland eCommerce


A Shopify eCommerce Site For An International Retailer

Yonanas is an ice cream maker that uses frozen bananas as a healthy alternative.  The primary site is built using WordPress but the e-commerce portion is built leveraging Shopify. 

This was a simple and scalable solution for a small number of products and need to expand into international sales.


Wall Paper E-Commerce

For Find Your Level, we helped evolve their existing WooCommerce with new features and an improved user experience.

While this online store does not take orders directly, it leverages WooCommerce to present products, quick filtering, and many more features.


Event Rental eCommerce Platform

EventSource wanted to allow visitors to select products that they wanted to rent online and make it easy for them to place orders. 

Building off a classic e-commerce platform, we customized it significantly to fit the rental process.


Wine In A Can eCommerce Store

Want wine in a can, well we’ve got MANCAN

We built an online store for them that allowed consumers to buy their wine online for a unique experience at home.


Cleveland E-Commerce Development

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The Right E-Commerce Platform

The first step is to choose the right platform for you based on the features, scalability, and integrations. We develop on a wide range of e-commerce platforms and can help determine the right solution for your organization.

Impress, Validate and Convert

E-commerce is all about ensuring an easy experience with no barriers to purchase while delivering the right information at the right time. Leveraging industry trends and knowledge, we design e-commerce sites that convert.

Use Tools To Convert Sales

Many of today’s products are best sold online when there is a tool to help customize or build the product. Our team has experience creating retail product configurators and industrial product configurators.

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